CBOE RMC Interview with Ryan McRandall

January 01, 2023

Ryan McRandal talks using correlation between #Oil & #Ruble to reduce #volatility Read more

Eric Peters interview on Bloomberg’s "The Year Ahead" with Erik Schatzker

January 08, 2021

Eric reads lots of new year predictions. And feel for those who make them. The exercise of putting pen to paper for perpetuity is as helpful for the author as it as it is humbling. Often humiliating. So that said, he invites you to join him for Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead 2021. He’ll be discussing macro markets. Policy, politics. Volatility, trends, digital assets. Feeling his way into a highly uncertain, tumultuous decade. Read more

REAL VISION with Mike Green

March 27, 2020

Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management, joins Mike Green of Logica Capital to discuss the broader economic and financial conditions markets are experiencing amid coronavirus' chaos. The pair discuss the current macro environment, volatility, government policy responses - both monetary and fiscal. Through their breakdown of a broad array of topics, Peters and Green tackle topics ranging from global supply chains to the merger of human and machine intelligence. Read more

REAL VISION: Tectonic Shifts on the Macro Horizon

June 25, 2018

Eric Peters, CEO & CIO of One River Asset Management, joins Real Vision to discuss major changes he sees coming to the global macro landscape. He thinks U.S. equity markets are in the process of topping, and says both inflation and volatility will make a comeback. Peters also analyzes the problems with risk management and portfolio construction, and how they will likely be challenged during the next recession. Filmed on May 29, 2018 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Read more