Organic Growth

October 27, 2022

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Blockchain and IoT

October 25, 2022

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Second Mover Advantage

October 21, 2022

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October 18, 2022

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digital daily: Answering the Call

Answering the Call: The industrial revolution was pivotal moment of progress. It was all about improving efficiency, like any innovation, and it was disruptive to the prevailing way of life. Today, we are once again witnessing a tsunami of disruptive innovations that will be named by historians after the fact. As cracks in the existing traditional systems widen, the demand for disruptive redesign accelerates. A financial crisis was opportune for proponents of bitcoin to ring Satoshi's message. Users are listening. Since the FTX fallout, self-custody growth has built momentum, rising to highs on the Network Pulse. Yet, self-custody only sits at a fraction of the addressable market. Why? These are foundational technologies. It’s a complete shift in mentality. Investors have been trained for decades to rely on trusted third parties for holding assets. And it’s legally required for investment advisers. Scale demands complementary growth in regulatory frameworks. That takes time. For cryptocurrencies, it means features like secure wallets and user-friendly interfaces that people want to use, that also advocate for change. The pieces are coming together. Recent advancements in wallet architecture and transaction throughput are only accelerating the path to adoption. Ethereum's recent upgrade, ERC-4337, enables one to open an account with simple biometrics in less than a minute. Easy and quick – the password to a more inclusive economy. Yet, the journey is arduous. Embrace it. We’re still early.